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The benefit of being an informed buyer. February 7, 2010

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Recently I was looking for an item on Ebay.  Not finding what I was looking for, I typed in “Scentsy” to see what would pop up.  Lots of stuff listed.  I was surprised as consultants cannot sell on Ebay.

I decided to type in “Discontinued Scentsy” and it narrowed my results quite a bit.

What bothered me was that some sellers were putting Discontinued in front of items that are not indeed discontinued.

Take Blueberry Cheesecake for example.  It is coming back in the new catalog.  I know it.  You know it from reading it here.  These buyers clearly don’t know it though as they are very willingly paying $15 + shipping per BAR.  One bar ended at $23 + shipping.  Really?  It is a $5 bar folks!!

I furthered my searching and found that the Dandy Plug-In’s were going higher than needed.  These are $12 on our websites and people were paying $18 + shipping.  You know that an Ebay sellers shipping is far more than the 10% that Scentsy charges on orders under $150!!!

Please, stay informed on what you are buying (not just Scentsy, but every day items as well).
Blueberry Cheesecake will be available for order on March 1st.  $5/bar, $20/brick.  The bars are now bigger, 8 cubes, not 6.
The Dandy White, Black, and Brown Plugs are available on consultants websites.  Click Buy, click closeout plug-in’s.

Don’t be throwing money away by not being informed.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone!!


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