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Catalogs February 27, 2010

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For all of those that wanted a catalog, they were mailed out yesterday to you.  Most should see them arrive in the mail today or Monday. 

Included in the envelope is a sample.  Hopefully they arrive in one piece!! They were cute flip flops when I sent them out!  There is also a sheet with the fall/winter inventory that I have available at discount, a Scent of the Month Club sheet, and an open house invite. 

I will be having an open house next Sunday, the 7th.  You will be able to view the new bars and sniff the new scents.  I am hoping that I will be able to get some of the new warmers in by that time, but it will depend on how busy shipping is with the last of the 10% off orders.


Spring Clean. What does it smell like?

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It is amazing to me how different people’s sense of smell is.  One person might pick up on one tone in the scent and another might pick up on a different tone. 

Spring Clean is one of those scents.  I have shared the scent with a few people and these are the responses I have gotten when I asked what it reminded them of:
– The smell after a short, heavy spring rain
– Febreze Spray
– A Glade Candle
– Lilacs
– Gardenia
– Old Lady Perfume

I have to say, I pick up on the Febreze Spray and Old Lady Perfume.  It is a light scent, but it is a powerful one.  Within minutes, my house was full of this smell.  It covered up my Sugar that was warming in the front entry.  It covered up the pork roast in the oven. 

I am still on the fence about this one.  I have just turned it on in again and will see how it smells today.  I am hoping that it is not as strong today.  For me, it does not smell “Clean”.  “Clean” to me is lemon lavender that smells like Endust or Pledge.  “Clean” is the clean breeze that smells like laundry detergent.  Which reminds me, I need to fold some clothes today. 

This scent is the first to come in the new bar and brick shapes.  I noticed right away that the containers were easier to get open.  The bar broke apart very easily, but I haven’t really had troubles with them not.  The brick is a bit different.  It looks like the spots of wax that connect the sections are thinner, thus, I would think it would break apart much easier than the old bricks.  The old bricks needed to be broken apart or cut with a butter knife.  The connecting sections were pretty thick.  

Happy Smelling!!!


Last 10% off order….. February 24, 2010

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…will be placed on Sunday, Feb 28th evening. 

It is the last chance to get the Fall/Winter scents (Christmas tree, Snowberry, Spiced Grapefruit, etc). 

I will also be placing an order on March 1st for items out of the new catalog. 

Email with any items that you would like ordered!


Catalog update

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For those of you that asked for catalogs, they have come in.  I am working on putting the envelopes together today. 

I am waiting on the March Scent of the Month to arrive (UPS has it scheduled for Friday).  I will be sending along a sample of the scent, Spring Clean, with the catalogs. 

Catalogs will mail out on Saturday, Feb 27th.


Sugar Scent

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Back in the Spring catalog this year is “Sugar”. 

I am warming it in a plug-in today and am quite pleased with it.  One can certainly pick up on the cotton candy tones in it, but it also has a hint of something else working in it. 

It is seems to be throwing it’s scent very well.  The small amount that I put in the warmer has filled the house up with the scent. 

In the basement, I have a discontinued scent, Sheer Saffron, warming.  It is a very strong scent.  I have had the same cube warming for 9 days now and it has finally mellowed out enough that I can leave it on all day.  The first few days, it was on for a few hours and then needed to be shut off.


Look Out Denver! February 22, 2010

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Each year, Scentsy puts on a Convention for consultants.  2 days filled with information, new products, meeting other consultants etc.   They pick a different location each year, and this year happens to be in Denver. 

Staying with the Scentsy style, the cost to attend the meetings is very reasonable.  Under $175 to register, which is great compared to other companies. 

Now, Denver is a nice city, but flying isn’t cheap!!  We will actually be driving out this year!  There are a few of us going so far, so gas will be split up. 

It will be a non-stop 4 days or so, but there have to Caribou’s and Starbucks between here and there!!


Picture of our Starter Kits! February 21, 2010

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