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Giveaway Winners January 17, 2010

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In the beginning, I had planned on announcing 1 winner. 

I watched the stats from the site and saw the hundreds of people that were looking. 

But only 4 of those were smart/brave enough to leave a comment!! 

So tonight we actually have 4 winners.  Yes, all 4 of the ladies that left comments will each win a car candle and a room spray.  If you 4 ladies can please email me the scents that you would like and your shipping address (sorry no PO’s), that would be great!! 

Please email: k_melchert@hotmail.com

Just a suggestion, I always try to order the same room spray and car candle scents.  That way, when my car candle gets a little weak, I just spray it with the room spray for another round!! 

Congrats ladies!!!


One Response to “Giveaway Winners”

  1. Amy from Wisconsin Says:

    Yay! It’s my birthday too!! Sending you my info, and thanks so much!!

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