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A Giveaway! (Or 2!!) January 14, 2010

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Why?  Well, because the temp has been above zero for a few days now in MN!!

There will be 2 giveaways.

The first one, will be a free CAR CANDLE and ROOM SPRAY.
To enter this giveaway, simply go to www.moerke.scentsy.us and view the items.  Come back here and in the comment area for this post, answer the following 2 questions:
1) What is your goal (not resolution) for 2010?
2) Which warmer is your favorite?

Winner will randomly be chosen out of the comments area.

The second giveaway is a free MULTI-PACK of 3 BARS.
To enter this giveaway, go to www.moerke.scentsy.us , click on BLOG GIVEAWAY on the lefthand side of the page, and place an order for $15 or more.

Winner will be randomly chosen.

Giveaway will close Sunday, January 17th at 12 noon CST.
Winners will be announced HERE Sunday evening by 7pm CST.



4 Responses to “A Giveaway! (Or 2!!)”

  1. Joni Says:

    Goal–to do more things to get myself noticed so maybe I could find that special someone.
    Love the hugs and kisses warmer.


  2. summer Says:

    My goal is to spend less time complaining and do more things to enjoy life without spending lots of money!

    I like the Black Satin warmer from the Classic Collection.


  3. Amy from Wisconsin Says:

    My goal is to stop spending money on things I don’t truly need but still buy just because they are on clearance!

    I like the Limestone midsize warmer.

    Thanks so much! ~Amy

  4. Saw you in the Target thread on SD 🙂

    My goal for 2010 is to NOT put anymore money on my credit cards and start repaying them! Hopefully I can pay off 25% or more this year!

    My favorite warmer is the cherry plug-in!

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