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Berry Blush Scent Review January 11, 2010

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Scentsy’s Scent Description:
Tart açaí berry, sweet peach nectar and tropical notes of guava, ylang-ylang and yuzu create a fresh and romantic fragrance perfect for Valentine’s Day and beyond.

I was expecting this scent to be very tropical smelling.  However, after melting, it smells more like green apples to me than berry’s.  I am having a hard time picking up any tropical scents, but it is still a pleasing scent. 

I have had this scent warming in the bathroom for 3 days and it has held up well.  At this point, it is still noticable in the bathroom, but is not coming down the stairs as much as it did yesterday.  I used 1 cube in a full size warmer. 



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