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Party Options January 8, 2010

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Whether you are near or far from your consultant, there is a party that will work for you! 

I offer a few different types of parties.

Home Party with Presentation:
You know the drill.  You invite your neighbors and friends.  I come into your home, set up a display table, and give a short presentation.  The presentation is very short.  I try to keep mine between 5 and 10 minutes.  I then pass around all of the scents for guests to smell.  Depending on number of guests, this option will take about 2 hrs, plus 20 minutes on each end for set up/pack up.   This is the best option for those that are unfamiliar with the product. 

Home Party without Presention:
I come in, set up a display, and usually we put all the scents on the dining room table and guests are able to sit around the table smelling scents.  With the display set up, guests are able to come up to the table and touch, plug-in, and really look at the warmers on display.  For most, it is easier to visualize a warmer in their house if they can actually see the warmer. 

Basket Party:
This is a great option for those that are in another state from me!  It also works really well for the busy ladies.  Basically, I mail you a basket kit.  It comes with all the catalogs, information sheets, order forms, etc that you will need.  In the kit, are little sample containers of all the scents.  They are not as big as the testers that I use for home parties, but these little ones still get guests a good wiff of smell!   The kit is light, portable, and easy to take into work or to your church group.  Along with the basket kit, I also a warmer and bar of wax for you to use.  This has worked very well for my customers that work in health care settings, school settings, dorm rooms, and office settings. 

Online Party:
Maybe you don’t want to have a home party or a basket party.  That is fine too!!!  With this type of party, an email e-vite would be sent to all your guests directing them to the website. 

For most Home Parties, I send the hostess to work with a basket kit as well.  It is great for those ladies that can’t make it to the home party.  They are still able to smell everything before ordering. 

January is the month to have a party!  Hostess rewards for 1/2 off items are doubled! A party that would normally get you 3 items for 1/2 off will now get you 6. 

To book a party:


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