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How can I become a consultant? January 8, 2010

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Go to www.moerke.scentsy.us and click on JOIN.  The site will take you through the sign up process.  Be sure to write down your consultant ID number. 

“Great, I have joined for $99, but what will I get in my kit?”
A ton of stuff!!!!!

Kit Includes:
Party Testers
2009 Fall/Winter (10)
Bakery (10)
Favorites (20)
Romance (10)
Scentsy Cafe (5)
Scentsy Man (5)
Spa (10)
Tropical (10)

Business Supplies:
2009 Fall/Winter Catalogs (50)
Business Cards (100)
Clear Bags (5)
Hostess Packet (Guest List, Hostess Rewards, Hostess Envelope (5 each))
Invitations (100)
New Consultant Start-Up Guide (1)
Order Forms (100)
Scentsy Binder (1)
Welcome Sheet (1)

Demonstration Products:
1 Car Candle
4 Light Bulbs
1 Room Spray
1 Scentsy Bar
1 Warmer

Retail Value of Kit:
Party Testers: each tester is equal to 1/2 a bar of wax.  80 x $2.50 = $200
Catalogs $20.
Business Cards $49
Invitations $10
Order Forms $20
Car Candle $3
Light Bulbs $1 x 4 = $4
Room Spray $8
Scentsy Bar $5
Warmer $30
$350 worth of stuff for $99 + tax and shipping

Why become a consultant? 

Earn Money!! 
– Earn 20-25% commission on your own sales
– On top of your commission, earn generous bonuses 

Free Website!!
– Free for 3 months, and thereafter only $10/month!  

Free Workstation!!
– Enter orders, announce events, send party e-vites, manage your contact list, order business supplies, and more.  

Free Shipping!!
– Party orders of $150 or more ship for free!

No Inventory to Manage!!
– Scentsy ships your party orders directly to you or your hostesses.

No Credit Card fees!!
No Minimum number of guest orders per party!!

Plus, act as a hostess and consultant and earn free product for your stock! 

Scentsy is one of the fastest-growing party plan companies in North America and just opened in Canada!  Scentsy was recently awarded the Direct Selling Association’s prestigious Rising Star Award for its growth and dedication to ethical business practices.


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