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Scentsy Wickless Products

What is Scentsy? December 28, 2009

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First things first, Welcome to my new blog!!   I appreciate you stopping by and it is my hope that you will find helpful information here!!

Scentsy in short, is safe.  Our products are wickless, meaning there is no open flame.  We have taken away the soot and carbon monoxide that are released when traditional wicked candles are burning.  We use a low wattage light bulb to melt our wax.  Our wax is a food grade wax that was chosen for its ability to hold scent very well. 

While the home is the most popular place to put a warmer, you will also find our warmers out in nursing homes, dentist offices, family care offices, vet clinics, banks, etc.  The safety of the product makes our warmers great for the elderly to have in senior apartments, teachers to have in the classrooms, daycare providers to have, etc.   There really isn’t a bad place to have one!!!

We offer 3 warmer sizes, ranging from plug-ins to full size warmers that sit on the counter.  With over 40 different warmers and 80 scents, there is something for everyone!!


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