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How easy is it to sell this stuff? December 28, 2009

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A question I am asked at almost every event I do!!

The answer is: Super Easy!

This is one of those products that sells itself. No kidding! One of the great things about this product is that people will eventually need more wax. Where are they going to get it? From a consultant of course!!

Scentsy has decided to not open retail locations so everyone that wants product has to buy through a consultant.

There are approx 60,000 consultants currently enrolled. Of those, only 480 are in the chilly state of Minnesota! Considering Texas has close to 10,000 consultants, Minnesota is almost untouched. If ever there was a time to join, it would be now. Predictions are that in 3 years, Scentsy will be bigger than Mary Kay!

One can join for $99 plus kit shipping. The product that a new consultant receives in the starter kit is worth at least 4 times that!

For more information on joining, please visit my site: http://www.moerke.scentsy.us


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