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Melt Times December 28, 2009

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Please keep in mind that everyone’s sense of smell is different.  What is strong to me, may not be strong to someone else.  How long your wax lasts is going to depend on your sense of smell, the size of the room, and how strong you like your scent. 

That being said, let’s break down some prices!!! 

2.4 oz Bar of wax: Comes divided into 6 cubes, each cube lasts 10-15 hrs and the whole bar will last 60-80 hrs.
1 lb Brick of wax: Total “smell” time of a brick is 360 – 400 hrs. 

Bar: $5 each
Brick: $20 each

Bars breakdown to .08 an hour or less (based on 60 hrs)
Bricks breakdown to .055 an hour or less (based on 360 hrs)

Now, to give everyone an idea of prices.  I recently priced a 60-80 hr Yankee candle at Target.  The price tag was $18.99.  $18.99/60 hrs = .32 an hour.  It would take 6 of these candles to get 360 hrs.  $18.99 x 6 = $113.94 for Yankee or $20 for Scentsy’s brick. 

As you can see, even with a full size warmer for $30 and the $20 Brick, Scentsy is still far cheaper.  Plus, with Scentsy, you can leave it melting 24/7.  You certainly wouldn’t want to leave a candle burning 24/7.  The glass would get too hot and break, causing hot wax and flame to be uncontained.  

In a time when people are crunching numbers and their wallets are tight, Scentsy is the cheapest way to scent up your house! 


December Warmer and Scent of the month

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Just a few days left to order these before the price goes up!!  

The warmer is Candy Shoppe, red and white stripes.   
The scent, cinnamint, reminds me of my Grandpa’s kitchen cupboard that had his Dentene gum in it!! 

I am not usually a cinnamon type of person, but this one is light enough that I really do like it. 


How easy is it to sell this stuff?

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A question I am asked at almost every event I do!!

The answer is: Super Easy!

This is one of those products that sells itself. No kidding! One of the great things about this product is that people will eventually need more wax. Where are they going to get it? From a consultant of course!!

Scentsy has decided to not open retail locations so everyone that wants product has to buy through a consultant.

There are approx 60,000 consultants currently enrolled. Of those, only 480 are in the chilly state of Minnesota! Considering Texas has close to 10,000 consultants, Minnesota is almost untouched. If ever there was a time to join, it would be now. Predictions are that in 3 years, Scentsy will be bigger than Mary Kay!

One can join for $99 plus kit shipping. The product that a new consultant receives in the starter kit is worth at least 4 times that!

For more information on joining, please visit my site: http://www.moerke.scentsy.us


January Warmer and Scent of the Month!

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Each month, Scentsy has a warmer and scent of the month.  During the course of that month, the warmer and scent are 10% off. 

Hugs and Kisses Full Size Warmer: $27
Berry Blush Brick: $18
Berry Blush Bar: $4.50
Berry Blush Room Spray: $7.20
Berry Blush Tin: $4.50
Berry Blush Car Candle: $2.70

To place an order: www.moerke.scentsy.us


January Hostess Special

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January is quickly approaching and so is our hostess special! 

In the month of January, our party hostess’s will receive double the 1/2 off items!   For example, if a hostess has a $500 party, s/he would receive 3 items for 1/2 off.  In the month of January though, that same party value would generate 6 items for 1/2 off!!  A great way to stock up on gifts for teachers, parents, girlfriends, etc.  Not sure that you could use all 6 items?  Why not dual hostess the party with a friend?  Invite double the people! 

January is quickly booking up due to this special.  If you are thinking of hosting a party in January, please contact me for an available date.  



What is Scentsy?

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First things first, Welcome to my new blog!!   I appreciate you stopping by and it is my hope that you will find helpful information here!!

Scentsy in short, is safe.  Our products are wickless, meaning there is no open flame.  We have taken away the soot and carbon monoxide that are released when traditional wicked candles are burning.  We use a low wattage light bulb to melt our wax.  Our wax is a food grade wax that was chosen for its ability to hold scent very well. 

While the home is the most popular place to put a warmer, you will also find our warmers out in nursing homes, dentist offices, family care offices, vet clinics, banks, etc.  The safety of the product makes our warmers great for the elderly to have in senior apartments, teachers to have in the classrooms, daycare providers to have, etc.   There really isn’t a bad place to have one!!!

We offer 3 warmer sizes, ranging from plug-ins to full size warmers that sit on the counter.  With over 40 different warmers and 80 scents, there is something for everyone!!